'Burn Notice' Season 7 Episode 4 Recap: "Brothers in Arms"

Still working deep under cover, what kind of trouble did Michael Westen find himself on last night's episode of Burn Notice?

View attachment 2473 The episode opened with Burke interrogating Serrano as Michael crept into the home of his family. With a gun pointed at his daughter, Serrano broke and gave up all the information Burke wanted. Worried about the Russians, Serrano took his own life as Michael put his daughter's teddy bear back on her bed. Down in Cuba, Sam and Jesse met Michael so they can break a Russian woman out of a secret prison. The guys think of a way to get the woman out, but they needed Fi's help in Miami. Fi and Maddie kidnapped a Russian officer for Michael.

At the secret prison, Michael is taken to a room for questioning. He told Vladimir, the head GRU agent at the facility that there was a leak. The head GRU agent finally believed Michael that there was a leak and sent an operation team to a location that Sam and Jesse were making it appear to be an old CIA facility. Before the Russians made it to a hotel, the Cuban police got there forcing them to jump a couple stories down onto a moving bus.
Vladimir came into the room and told Michael he was going to help him look through all the documents left at the facility. To counteract that, Michael told him that he had a leak inside the building and to make this seem true, Sam and Jesse kidnapped one of the agents at the hotel. Fi then transferred money from Ivan, the officer in Miami, to the agent that was kidnapped. Just as they were getting ready to take the girl, Vladimir got a call from Moscow that said backup was coming and that they weren't going anywhere.

Sam and Jesse tried to convince Burke to end the mission and get Michael out. He came up with a plan that involved loading a computer up with explosives and going to the prison pretending to be Michael's CIA contact. Burke met with Vladimir and tried to make a deal to join them. When Vladimir asked what he had that they would want, he told him he had a computer from the CIA with intel, codenames and more. Before Burke set his plan in motion to break out, he told Michael that the girl was the most important thing and he needed to get her out.

Burke set off the bomb and Michael got the girl out of her cell and they made it safely to their car after a firefight with the surviving Russian agents. As Michael and Sam were checking out the marina for their exit, the girl, who was thought to be unconscious, attacked Jesse and got away.