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This question is about "Cable Box tv response to remote slower than a snail", with Time Warner Cable TV and apps. The front of a cable box display was going out so we took the box in and obtain a brand new box. I hooked it up and plugged it in. For the last four days the cable box has been at no to a snail pace at responding to anything that is pressed on the remote control. We even has a tech come out to the house and spent over an 1 hr and 30 minutes and could not resolved the problem. We even went out and brought a new TV and the lag in response from the remote to the box is still there.

We have changed the batteries in the remote, have the tech come out and swap out box and remote, check the cable wire, and service speeds, and have replaced the television. We have even tried changing locations of the box in the room, thinking objects were blocking the signal. Any ideas what is causing this lag in response?

Background information: this room as had cable in it for many years with on trouble before. The other three rooms that have cable boxes have no issues at all. this one room has the problem.

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