Can 3D TV Survive Without Live Sports and ESPN

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Can 3D TV Survive Without Live Sports and ESPN: BigPictureBigSound

From the article:

... Should 3D sports on television fail, the format doesn't have a hope in hell of surviving. That isn't me being a naysayer. It's the reality of the marketplace." ...

My take: The above is a very well written article worth reading. Considering 99.9999 % of currently available movies and TV shows are NOT formatted in 3D, I am not going to spend my hard earned money toward this technology ... yet.
You have other industries that drive 3D other than sports! Engineering, medical, gaming, etc... Nvidia has been enabling PC's for years with stereoscopic conversions for 2d to 3d gaming. The only sports I watch are xgames, and olypmics... could care less if they go 3d which winter games already are. :) Oh btw, the p0rn industries drives the changes LOL!


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Editor's note: Ian's insightful and passionate piece does miss one possible solution to ESPN's dilemma: corporate sponsorship. It's quite possible that ESPN's public comments on the viability of 3D sports broadcasting was a not-so-veiled plea for some 3D TV manufacturer to step in with some capital to help the burgeoning 3D network get through the lean times. DIRECTV could not (and would not) have launched their 3D channels without Panasonic's fiscal assistance. Sony is helping to fund the start-up of Discovery 3D. "Hey, Samsung, LG: ESPN 3D is calling - would you like to take the call?"
My take on the editor's note: Um,
3D TV manufacturer to step in with some capital to help the burgeoning 3D network get through the lean times.

ESPN is the biggest single part of your pay TV bill, at about $4 per subscriber, whether you watch it or not. And they make it almost impossible for you to NOT pay them - their contracts force providers to include ESPN with all their most popular packages. So, even if a provider came up with a package that doesn't include ESPN, if it were to prove popular, the contract requires the providers to then include ESPN in that package. Mobsters have a term for this: <EXTORTION>. ESPN will then take all that extorted money and buy the rights to all sports. The Justice Department has a term for a business that controls an entire market: <MONOPOLY>. (Too bad they don't enforce these rules anymore.)

ESPN has plenty of ca$h. "Lean times" at ESPN, my @$$. Maybe E$PN ought to subsidize 3D TV makers?
Yes, but they don't push Vudu, Netflix, and the MPPA...Monopoly or not, we have ourselves to blame for what they are, as far as any huge monster corp. that's out there..


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If 3D works it will probably be from the gaming aspect. I don't need sports in 3D. I've already said I don't need 3D movies either. I'm still thinking it will be like Beta players or 8 track tapes.
Let me phrase it like this then, your watching your favoraite team, and with the flick of the remote you can instantly watch from any players perspective. You watch the ball flying at you, and you can see what it's like to be ran done and tackled by some 300lb goliath. Granted racing has this almost, but that extra depth, and can only lead to new advances. You can fight it, but the processors, and the panels can produce this no problem, it's not your grandpas anaglyphic anymore. Skies the limit for people with imagination, wait see what they will do.