Can a station broadcast mobile DTV and not OTA ATSC?


DTVUSA Jr. Member
Have you ever looked into the USRP project? There are already several people working on ATSC decoding with that platform and M/H is likely to be tackled soon, if not already.

Oh wow. No, I did not know about that project. That looks like WAY too much fun. I think my wife would kill me if I got involved. I'm going to have to resist buying the hardware, because once I did I think I would spend all my free time hacking on it. I would actually be more interested in writing ATSC transmit code, even if I couldn't create it in real time (perhaps I could create a huge encoded stream and then send it), although transmitting should require less CPU than receiving. I have always wanted to test how different tuners behave in the presence of a variety of bad data, and also test compliance with more obscure parts of the standard (e.g. directed channel changes).
> So, anyone other than Trip actually interested in this level of detail?
> What is the interest level in being able to extract mobile DTV programming
> with your non moving Linux desktop/laptop using a legacy DTV tuner?

Oh, I'd be very interested in this level of detail. I think there are hundreds of thousands of PCTV products out there that support ATSC; if some of them can be "upgraded" to receive ATSC M/H, it'd be worth paying for.