Can California Be Bought?


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Can California be bought? Meg Whitman thinks we can, and it's really annoying me. She has already spent over $50 million towards her election bid to be governor. She's stated that she's very willing to spend another $100 million of her own money to further her cause. This makes me ill.

Can you imagine what that $150 million could do to help our country? Think of the hungry kids who could be fed. Consider the families without homes who could have a roof over their heads.

Whitman is disgusting. She thinks that this state is for sell.

I hope she's wrong.


It is sickening. Are we allowed political views on this website?? Can't remember.... I've lived in CA all my life and the state of this State is just awful. Government trys to make CEO's accountable, I think its time to make our Governmental Leaders accountable. Quite honestly, I think many of them should go to jail for abusing and misusing public funds.

As far as Meg is concerned, I'm with you on that. Unfortunately, they all stink (IMHO).


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As long as it IS Meg's money, I don't really see a problem with it. Some people spend 150 Mill on private yachts or other silly things but you have to remember, it does help the economy.


Our local election for city council is the same way. If you are not rich or part of the "Good Ol Boy Network", you have no chance in local politics either in my city. Our election for 3 out of 6 council seats was held yesterday, and 2 of the members who have bankrupted this city in the past 10 years or so were VOTED BACK IN. I may have to change my signature again, because a vast majority of this countries citizens ARE SHEEPLE !!

They voted in a 2% meals tax to support education, and have been wasting money on beautification projects while education has taken a hit, and now they want to dig deeper in our pockets to account for their lack of leadership in the past years, and to make up the deficit created by their wasteful spending,


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It still makes me sick to think about it. I haven't seen this kind of 'purchasing power' in a long time. We're not talking a couple of million, but potentially $150 million that Whitman plans on using to buy the office. It makes me shutter.

Oh -- on blogs, you can respond to the topic appropriately. If I bring up politics, certainly, you can reply politically. <G>



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