Question: Can someone help me figure out how I can get rid of my cable and make the switch?

I am new to this and really dont know what to do next. I have four tv's in my house and currently have Fios with Verizon. I am spoiled and have HDTV. I can live without HD but would like to at least get Discovery,Nat Geo,History Channel, and my son wants ESPN. I dont know if this is possible but that is why I am here. I live near Hershey PA.


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HDTV you can get with an antenna, for free. You may get ABC, NBC, CBS, CW, PBS, IonTV, and a host of other smaller networks, depending on your location.

Discovery,Nat Geo,History Channel, and ESPN, you can't get with an antenna. Depending on who your internet provider is, you may be able to get ESPN 3 on a computer or set-top box, like Roku, or one of the game machines (Xbox, PS3). Some of the content from the other channels is available online on Netflix, or HULU, but you'll have to wait for some of it to become available.

Cutting the cord involves choices and sacrifice. You give up the ease of switching with a press of a button to hundreds of channels. What you gain is money in your pocket, higher quality TV picture with an antenna, and the freedom to choose what you want to watch and when, if you watch on the internet.

If you're tired of the cable bill always going up, and paying rental fees for a set top box every month for each TV, you can save money. BIG money. Since I cut the cord, I've saved over $3000. The savings paid for my 52" LCD TV, and now all I pay for is for Netflix - $8 a month. So if you can give up a little to gain a lot, and you're still interested, respond to this thread and let us know. We'll start you down the path to cutting the cord.


I too want to dump my cable company

Comcast just switched to all digital in our neighborhood and I do not understand why my digital, HD TV's require a converter box in order to get any channels other than 2-20? Regardless, I am sick and tired of the constant changes in service and price. Please tell me how I go cableless. What type of antenna is needed? We have 6 TV's, is an antenna required on each one or can they be networked?

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re: Guest Post: I too want to dump my cable company

The first step is to go to TV Fool and run a free antenna survey based on your physical location. Be sure to include the maximum height where you could mount an antenna. Then, take the resulting URL and post it here for us to study. That website will automatically conceal your personal information.

Regarding splitting signals received by an antenna 6-ways around your home, it will probably require either a signal pre-amplifier near your antenna or a distribution amplifier in your attic or your basement. This is done all the time and not a concern. We look forward to helping you.

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