Can Watching 3D TV Make You Sick?

Yeah, the few movies that I've seen in 3D haven't really made me want to have the capability in my home. Maybe if we were more into video games, but my boys haven't reached that age yet and the teenage daughter just plays games on her phone.


Well, there always are exceptions, some people just are going to get sick or feel bad but it doesn't necessarily make the whole thing unhealthy. But it can be really bad for kids, right? Under 3 for sure, and older too, maybe.

Is it that all kids feel sick when watching 3D or can it actually hurt their brains, eyes etc?
In my experience kids actually stand the 3D effects better than adults, and adults are more likely to get sick/dizzy. Also the 3D films released for younger demographics are bright and colorful, whereas adult 3D movies (Dredd, Drive Angry, Pacific Rim) are very dark and that is what causes the strain on the eye. The video game application is the best, playing ps3 with the 3D display is the most fun i've had on a new gaming system
The same could be said about regular TV, a child's eyes, ears, and brain are still developing anything that is a digital presentation should be considered a treat for children and not a regular vice.
That is true. However I wonder with 3D and the strain that can put on one's eyes if that can cause issues sooner? Not disagreeing at all with what you are saying, just curious.
So far the answer is no. The main concern for future well-being is actually dimly lit scenes, and dark movies. There was a study done recently that showed TDKR (Dark Knight Rises) in 2D actually created greater eye strain than Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug in 3D, when screened before the same audience. A color test showed Hobbit was about 40% lighter than TDKR, and most of the comments from the test audience reflected that


Smart TVs have a feature that forces 2D stuff into 3D--with that you're a lot more likely to get nauseous than with stuff that was intended to be 3D. Personally, I don't think I fit into that 10-15% minority that you mentioned because I don't get nauseous buuuuuuut I do get headaches when I watch 3D stuff for too long. I'll bet headaches are common in some statistic somewhere


I had never tired a 3D TV until my husband was going to get a 3D TV from best buy and he had me try it out and I felt so sick! He really wants a 3D but I can't handle it. I told him, if he gets a 3D TV he better just put it in another room when he feels he wants to watch 3D movies then he can go in there.
If you are prone to motion sickness and vertigo I have heard 3D can make you feel a little queezy. I have vision problems and have trouble seeing 3D anyways- think it because the glasses dont work well over my glasses. So i am not really that into 3D stuff but I can see how it could cause some problems for people.


Short answer to this is yes. The long answer is yes, it's very likely, and they can also give you headaches. But the fact that you HAD to go to a theme park to see something on a screen that is 3d just a few years ago makes a 3DTV just plain awesome. Progress is the greatest.


Well, speaking of 3D HDTV, supposedly our ps3 says that our TV is 3D. but we actually have no idea how to figure out if it actually is or not. I personally do not care but my husband would love to know. Considering, the box it came in never even said no or yes about 3D.


I was in an Imax theater. The film was some kind of animation where aliens landed at an amusement park. They started exploring and throwing switches. Hijinks ensued. I had to close my eyes due to all the roller coaster scenes. My stomach was feeling bad.
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