Canceled Xfinity Service all of my purchases are gone.



I left xfinity, for about two months maybe a bit more I was able to access all of the purchaces I made over 15 years on the stream app, now I cannot. Per xfinity I own them and should be able to watch them forever through the stream app, I have spent 5 hours on the phone, and they cannot figure it out. Before anyone tells me you have to have xfinity service to watch your purchaces read, or check out the link below. any help would be appriciated. Below was pulled from this page Xfinity On Demand Purchases - Equipment Requirements and FAQs

What happens to my purchases if I disconnect Xfinity service?
Viewing purchased titles on your TV requires a subscription to Xfinity TV service with access to Xfinity On Demand. If you disconnect all of your Xfinity services, you can continue to watch purchased titles using the Xfinity Stream portal ( and the Xfinity Stream app.

You'll need your primary Xfinity username and password to access your purchases online or to add a mobile device. (Secondary Xfinity usernames will no longer work.)

  • If you previously enabled Parental Controls, you'lll need to set them up again after you log in the first time after your disconnection.
  • If you've forgotten your primary Xfinity username, call us at 1-800-xfinity to recover it.
  • If you've forgotten your password, you can reset your password by entering your primary Xfinity username and following the steps provided at this link:

For any issues related to playback or download on the Xfinity Stream portal or Xfinity Stream app after you have disconnected your Xfinity services, please contact us.

"Canceled Xfinity Service all of my purchases are gone.," is about XFinity-Comcast TV Television and On Demand.

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