Can't get ABC, FOX, ETC

Currently living in South san francisco. San Bruno mountains are to my north. I can see the "south san francisco. . The industrial city" sign. The base of the mountain is under 10 blocks away. I just installed a MOHU sky on the highest point of my roof and its about 30-40 ft off the street. It's connected to 4 TVs and I'm using an amplifier. I'm getting channels like NBC,ION, COZY. Seems like it's pretty much 11.1 and up. I'd really like to get ABC and FOX, etc. I used the TVfool tool and it says i should be able to get signal from twin peaks and signal east and south of me. How do i post my report from TVfool here? Any help would be nice
Thinking of returning my mohu before it's too late!

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Your MOHU SKY is an amplified antenna and it you have an additional amplifier in the system - remove it!

Please grab your free antenna survey here: TV Fool and post the resulting URL here for us to study. We can work with it to determine a variety of antennas that should work for you.

From what you wrote, I think you are amplifying strong signals to a level that your tuner cannot work with because it is overloaded.


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