Can't pair XR15 remote with LG soundbar



I just got an XR15 remote to replace my XR11. The XR11 used to control my LG soundbar volume without issue. I cannot seem to pair it with the XR15. Things I've tried:

- Went through remote setup screen, able to pair remote to TV without issue but when I go to the next screen to pair with an audio receiver, then select LG, I get a message saying "your audio receiver can't be setup for remote control right now".

- Tried as suggested in another post, holding down the A and D buttons, entering code 992, then pressing channel up until the soundbar turns off, then holding A and D again. With this method, after pressing channel up about 80 times, the soundbar turns off but when I turn it back on, the remote doesn't control the volume.

Any other way to get this to work?

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