Can't stream CBS on Xfinity stream app - XFinity

My cable box stopped working. I found out I could use the Xfinity stream app. I sent back the cable box including a note saying I did not want a replacement box and did not want to change my service. I received an email that I was getting a new box. Ask xfinity would not load so I figured I would mark "Return to sender" on the package and take it to work where we have ups deliveries. Before the new box arrived I received another email that my return was complete and wanted me to take a survey. I mentioned this problem in the survey before going to work. At lunch time I was still able to stream CBS but by Primetime I was not. I get the message that I need to subscribe to the channel. I try to but have no luck. As of yet the new box has not arrived.

This question, "Can't stream CBS on Xfinity stream app," is about XFinity-Comcast TV Television Apps.

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