Car hit by lightning

Jason Fritz

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Man, never had that happen. Did a drive through the panhandle of Texas at night one time and thought I was going to get picked up by a Tornado.

Fringe Reception

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About twenty years ago on an early Friday evening I was the beneficiary of an automobile lightning strike in Vancouver, WA.

I went to the local Papa Aldo's (now Papa Murphy's) take and bake Pizza Store and the manager had been temporarily deafened from a lightning strike on the hood of her car on her way to work.

To 'celebrate' getting thru it, that night she made pizzas with double everything and we went home with a three inch tall pizza! Yum! :cheers:

On the other hand, I know a woman who has been hit by lightning, twice. The first time was outside while walking in a rain storm and the second time she was sitting indoors at a metal-framed glass-top table with three other women, adjacent to a closed aluminum framed deck door. The others were untouched and but she has never been the same, now with acute anger control problems. :angry:



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I've heard of people getting their car stuck in the sand to the point that it covered the tires, and then having the car get struck by lightning. One or more of the wheel bearings welded to the axles, so that the wheels wouldn't turn.


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No, thank goodness. This morning, though, I was sort of half asleep watching bump day at Indy and when they interviewed Graham Rahal at one point they talked about him being on the track when lightning hit.