Celebrate Veterans Day with Netflix

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First thing, let's have a word about Veterans Day. This isn't a day about family or fun, it's about real people who have been through real stuff in service to our ability to do the things we like. The following films are awesome not because they make light of the insanity that combat veterans have experienced, but because they give those of us who are cuddled up in our warm houses the chance to have a teeny tiny window into what it might be like to live the life that they've lived for us.

Before you sit down to one of these awesome movies, go out of your way to thank a veteran - even if you're not actually reading this post on Veterans Day.

Now onto the movies!

Top Gun
This movie isn't great because Tom Cruise is flying around in a jet (though to be fair that's really freakin cool), or because of the memorable theme music, or even because of Kenny Loggins or super 80's group Berlin. This is really the story of loss in combat, during a time when there wasn't an active hot war going on. If you don't shed a tear for Goose, then you're just not human.

The Hurt Locker
There's a reason that this movie won 6 Academy Awards - it's raw and real and beautifully told. This movie gets inside you. If you haven't seen it yet, then today is the day. Jeremy Renner is way more than just and Avenger in this 2009 film that's based on the writings of Mark Boal, a reporter who was embedded with bomb disposal teams during the Iraq war.

Fair enough, this isn't a movie. But MASH is a classic for a reason, and all 11 seasons were added to Netflix earlier this year. What made people love MASH was that it was real and lighthearted all at once. If you're not familiar with the basics of the Korean War, then take a few minutes to Google it before you watch and you'll understand a lot more of the depth that lies under the laughs.

On the Town
Now for the only musical on the list. I can hear the groans already, but hear me out on this one. This is a 1949 film about what shore leave in New York City is like for three sailors who are out for just 24 hours. Gene Kelly and Frank Sinatra are just fantastic, and you can feel the joy that was what the Golden Generation fought for in World War II as the film takes place just after the Allied victory. It's ok to celebrate veterans by sharing their happiness at getting the job done.

You're bound to have some favorite war films - please share them in the comments!

And just in case we don't say it enough (and we don't) - thank you veterans.