Charged for cancelled services& overcharged& duplicate charges for same services - Di

Charged for cancelled services& overcharged& duplicate charges for same services - Di

In August 2016,we were forced to switch our internet svc to Uverse.We were w/o any internet/wifi for over a week,during that month, after AT&T turned our internet svc off(as they did everyone;due to the Uverse 'switch');while waiting on an installer/svc tech.When we did have Uverse installed,we were informed that,due to our home's location,the signal was very poor(&same was/would be,for all of our neighbor's).That day,we contacted a local internet provider,who could provide us with acceptable internet service. The following week,as soon as our new internet service was installed,my husband called AT&T,& cancelled our internet svc.At that time,he was told that it was documented,that our internet svc, through AT&T,was no longer activated, or that we would be paying for this svc(that didn't work,& that wasn't being used). The next month,we received an email notification, stating that a gastly amt of money,was being debited from my account(including Uverse). My husband called,spoke w/a Svc rep@AT&T,reminded them that we'd cancelled Uverse(& it had never been used,even when we attempted to, the signal/Svc was so bad,it never connected or worked),& that we didn't owe AT&T that money. The rep apologized to my husband for the inconvenience,& that we were right/AT&T in the wrong. During this time,we also never received a bill for our Directv Svc,that we've had for over 15+yrs,& that I've received email payment notifications,each month, which was set up on auto debit,since that option was available(in August,after being urged by AT&T,we bundled our directv& Uverse bills,before we switched to Uverse); but I hadn't received any bills or payment notifications for Directv,since bundling the bills. However,I continued receiving separate auto debit billing emails,for the Uverse,that we cancelled& had never used. In early October, my husband& I spent over 3 hours,on the phone, with at least 8 people& depts, at AT&T, regarding that month's Uverse bill, I received notification, was being debited,yet another month. It was only then, after I mentioned it, that anything was told & sent to us,regarding returning the Uverse modem;which we printed the label,boxed& mailed it,per instructions(never before, during the multiple,stressful{to say lightly}calls to AT&T,regarding this& other negative issues we've had,caused by AT&T). Finally,(10/10/16)after speaking for too long, with too many mis/uninformed CS reps, I was told that,despite AT&T having my acct info,to debit our monthly Directv charges, they hadn't debited Aug&Sept '16's tv bills& we owed nearly $400. I finally spoke with someone who understood our situation& the frustration we've endured, due to AT&T's negligence. She told me that we'd receive a credit, back to the account that is used for autopay, ensured Uverse was retroactively deactivated,provided me with an inconvenience credit,& I provided her(Amy) with my banking info, so she could debit it for $213.89;which she said, covered the past due 2mos of Directv. Since then, I've checked our online account. It's STILL showing $20/mo, for the Uverse,that was cancelled 3mos ago. Plus, I don't know if we are being charged repeatedly for the same thing& time period, but the following bills,with the corresponding dates of Svc being charged:8/4-9/3-$341.06, 9/4-10/3-$220.25, $271.75 debited on 10/24/16,& 'Acitivity since 10/3/16-(567.30)/negative )567.30,(which should be, or have been credited or paid back to me/credited to my account, but hasn't). None of this adds up,as we CONTINUE to be billed& pay for a Svc (Uverse)we never used,& have cancelled, MULTIPLE times,& our Directv bill, in over 15+yrs of me having this svc(before my husband, going back to when I worked for a local Directv office),has never been, nor should it be THIS high;& we shouldn't be charged multiple times, for the same charges/svcs;& I haven't seen or received a penny of the refund I was promised, by Amy(billing CS rep),& another, rude, male, in accounts receivable. A refund I was promised I'd receive,after I paid the past due amt, that it was of no fault of mine, for it being delinquent;& a service,Uverse, we've been 'promised' too many times, in over 3mos, has been 'cancelled,' hence us NOT being charged or pay for. I hope you cab help me with this ongoing issue, as we pay TOO much, to have to deal with and pay for such unprofessional ignorance& negligence. I've been a loyal AT&T customer, for over 20 years; we have 2 cell phones,2 tablets,& Directv, that I've paid on time/early, EVERY MONTH, for; but with these ongoing problems, bills for services not received,& the literal 100's of hours my husband and I have HAD to waste,calling about the SAME issues,with no improvement, or anything offered to us(like the early phone upgrades, or even comped new cell phones,that we've requested,considering the position AT&T has repeatedly put us in;but never offered),for our time,energy,stress& problems(including exacerbation of my serious heart conditions, that, if I don't control my stress or care for myself, can be fatal, that I've told every rep I've spoken to about, without any of them voicing a care,& that I lost my beloved grandfather,at the age of 62,as a result of a major heart attack; that came about,when he was having to 'deal' with similar issues with AT&T, back when it was Bellsouth), that have come about,as a direct result of AT&T's negligence,& resulted in me requiring costly medications& other treatments. Nothing is worth our well being,& the next step we will take, if we don't receive a timely answer,credit,correction& resolution of these problems, will be us(as well as all of our family& friends,who've been AT&T customers,& are aware of the issues we've had with you/them, bc they all visited me in the hospital,when I was admitted,after the 3+hr phone call to AT&T, on the 10th of last month. Hence, why I'm sending this message, instead of calling, again)dropping all of our AT&T/Directv services(phones, tablets,tv etc);& starting new, with a reliable competetor's services& devices!

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