Charlie Ergen: Cord Cutting is Real


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Cord cutting is real, argued Charlie Ergen, Chairman and co-founder of Dish Network at All Things Digital’s Dive into Media conference in Dana Point, California Monday. “think people are cutting the cord,” Ergen said, arguing that kids in college never use cable, and that they won’t suddenly start paying once they leave school. “There is a reason that tobacco companies give away free cigarettes at colleges,” he joked.

Ergen also reiterated his position that a la carte programming would be better for consumers, as well as the industry itself. “We are still for a la carte, because the Internet is a la carte today,” he said. People could just watch Netflix, or even pirate content online, and service providers would have to compete with this new reality. “A lot of customers can live with Netflix and an… antenna, and YouTube… and they’d be pretty happy,” he said.
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The number of people I know personally who have cut the cord grows every day. Yes, TV antennas, Netflix, Youtube, Crackle, Vanguard, Snag Films, WSJ Live, Vudu, Amazon Instant, etc., etc. Cord Cutting is real, but large sections of the industry are still in denial. Of course the wireline guys still have internet.


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Cautious about predicting much innovation, Ergen said the leading contenders to undercut the $100-plus monthly cable bills are Google, Amazon, Netflix, Apple, Hulu, and Microsoft.

"My kids have one subscription to Netflix and they share the password. They get a lot of TV for that. They can go to Hulu if they want, they go to YouTube, and if the Broncos are playing - see them Sunday afternoon [to watch the live game on pay TV] and then they have an extra $100 bucks."
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Okay, the Broncos comment was a bit strange. I don't know where Charlie's kids live exactly, but every one of the Broncos games, including Monday and Thursday night games were available free over the air on a full power station in the Denver DMA. Better quality HD than Dish Network also.


We thought about Dish (and Direct TV) just before we cut the Comcast cord, but the cost wasn't much less than Comcast.
Coming up on 2 years after cutting the cord and frankly, other than the Golf Channel, wife and I don't miss it.



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“A lot of customers can live with Netflix and an… antenna, and YouTube… and they’d be pretty happy,”

He's so wrong... We're VERY happy.

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