Cheap printer ink on Ebay


Bought an Epson XP-410 printer last year and as expected the replacement ink cartridges are really expensive. A 4 pack of the premium grade ink for the printer is around $40.00 at Walmart and Walmart's one of the less expensive places to buy it. Tried Ebay. Turns out sellers on Ebay have brand new ink cartridges for dirt cheap prices and the only draw back for me (if you can call it that) is when I start to print, a message comes up from the Epson printer saying "You're not using genuine Epson ink" and then ask if I want to buy some. I reject their offer and continue to print.

Anyway I've ordered it from Ebay 2 or 3 times since buying the printer and never had a problem. The last time it cost me about $12.00 (with free shipping) for either 12 or 14 cartridges of the same premium ink that would have cost around $120.00+ at the retail stores. Pretty sure too I've never ordered from the same seller more than once so give it a try and stop spending an arm and a leg on printer ink.