China Plant Fertilizer 15-30-15

The high concentrated organic liquid fertilizer supplier and manufacturer for phosphite fertilizer, humic acid fertilizer, amino acid fertilizer, seaweed acid fertilizer, chitosan fertilizer, wood vinegar fertilizer, biostimulation fertilizer and so on.
Our History
Qingdao Re-green Biological Technology Co., Ltd, which is located Qingdao city. And our factory is located in Binzhou city of Shandong Province, which belongs to the Bohai Sea economic development zone.
Our Factory
Our factory is located in the Bohai Sea economic development zone, which occupies more than 100 acres, and has 5,000 square meters production workshop. Our factory independently designed and installed high-concentration liquid fertilizer production line with an annual output of 100,000 tons, and has advanced automatic liquid fertilizer filling line and laboratory testing equipment, high-level R & D personnel 10 people.
Our Product
Our core products are the liquid fertilizer for Phosphorus Calcium Zinc Solution, Potassium Phosphite Solution, Potassium Polyphosphate Solution, Ammonium Phosphite Solution, Calcium Phosphite Solution, Urea Phosphite Solution, Magnesium Phosphite Solution, Zinc Phosphite Solution, Amino Acid Solution and Potassium Polyphosphate Solution, Taurine Peptide Solution, Sugar Alcohol Calcium Solution, Calcium Boron Solution and so on.
Product Application
Our liquid fertilizers are mainly used to foliar spray, fertigation, drip irrigation, soil condition for fruit trees, vegetables and crops.
Our Certificate
Production Equipment
Our factory have the high-concentration liquid fertilizer production line with an annual output of 100,000 tons
Production Market
Our products are widely exported to the United States, Israel, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Jordan, Iran, India, Pakistan, more than 40 countries. We have won wide acclaim from domestic and foreign customers by supplying advanced product quality and service.
Our service
We provide pre-sale, sales of agricultural technical guidance, after-sale quality assurance and application services.China Plant Fertilizer 15-30-15
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