Chinese manufacturing is putting out top quality products


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It's a simple as that.

Interestingly enough, I just sold vintage rifle scope on ebay to a fellow in China. In our communication, it turns out that he is purchasing it for a company in order to reverse engineer it for the purpose of producing new versions of it.

I have also sold vintage high quality audio gear to China over the past few years.

Ive even dug up information on vintage audio gear, mostly Japanese equipment, on Chinese sites. I know that there is new money being spent on these for personal use, but I wonder how much is being collected for these engineering purposes.

Just pondering. What say you?

I know that China is putting out quality optics. Sure they put out cheap junk as well, but they are capable of putting out top quality.

Jason Fritz

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Well, I know my iPad 3 was manufactured in China and I consider it to be of high quality. Speaking of China made products, EV, have you ever tried one of those Chinese eBay antennas?

In general, my priority lies with spending money on American companies who manufacture products on this continent. Just my preference.


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iPad 3, heh? Were you first in line at the release party? LOL!

Anyways, Chinese manufacturers are also copying highly regarded classic microphone designs....with middling to very good results so far.