Chopped Canada

I have been a fan of the Food Network show Chopped for several years now. I find it interesting how these chefs can use weird ingredients to make edible dishes even with time constraints. Last night I watched Chopped Canada for the first time and it was okay but I like the original version better. I don't know I guess I'm a creature of habit and can't get with this version.


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We agree! I actually watched Chopped Canada from the beginning of it airing here but it just bores me. Dean McDermott lacks that cooking personality that Ted brings to it. After several episodes where I yawned my way through, I stopped turning it on. Give me the original!
My wife watches a lot of Food Network. I asked her what her thoughts were on Chopped Canada and her answer was meh...She agreed the original is far superior, mentioned that the judges make much of the show and she found no desire to connect to the new judges or Tori spellings husband as a host.