Coby DVD938


Ok I just got a Coby DVD 938 DVd home theater system today from my cousin, Unfortuantley he tried to wire them into the main system he had so no plugs or any type of connector on the end ( which i can get replaced ) But i have yet to figure out if i can route my tv audio through that system via the Red and White Cables So anything i play on the tv including my gaming consoles will go through the system itself.. is the system

I don't personally care how it sounds as long as my sound has a little boost then TV speakers at this time until i purchase a proper system..... plus it has some kind of weird speaker out plugs color coded of course.... 1962284_775243519153266_109481709_o.jpg Which hopefully shouldn't be a pain to find at a cheap cost, but from what i did find it might work but people have been having issues is this good enough for now till i purchase a good system?
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