Coincidence - Time Warner Internet

This question is about "Coincidence", with Time Warner Cable internet and apps. So recently my father was approached by someone he believes to have been a Spectrum field agent.
Was asked if we had cable dad responded by letting the gentlemen know we didn't. Moments after this encounter the internet at our household went down. It's been almost three days. The customer service I've spoken to have told me it's an outage, but the weather is too terribly bad. Plus it's been three days and it doesn't seem like anyone else is having the same issue with Spectrum that I am having at the moment.
So I went out to the power lines to check something out. Not sure if the link will work below, but I'm not entirely sure if I've ever seen this before the other day. Just seems like loose cable hanging above. This isn't my issue of why I don't have internet at the moment is it?