Question: colby tv. only outdoor antenna. can't get CBS,NBC,ABC, etc

I purchased a 50 inch Colby TV a while ago and started using it now. I am using only an outdoor $30 antenna that supposedly has a range of up to 100 miles. I am only able to receive about 5 channels, namely, me TV, get TV, grid TV, WGN. I cannot get basic channels, like, CBS, NBC, ABC, public television etc. Is the problem the antenna or something else? I hope it is not the TV because Colby is out of business.
The problem is probably the antenna. If you post a TV Fool report for your location we can advise you on what kind of antenna might work at your location.
TV Fool
A claim of 100 mile range is normally an indication of a poor quality antenna from an unreputable company. In the real world the curvature of the earth prevents television signals from traveling much over 70 miles in most locations. Antenna mileage claims are nothing more than marketing nonsense.