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Friends: I have a 8 bay HDTV antenna from which I receive some channels from the CN Tower but others come in weak. I set up a 4 bay antenna 10 feet behind and about 10 degrees to the left, which I combined with the 8 bay via a splitter. I found the signals became degraded, some not coming in at all. I disconnected the 4 bay, but same result. I had to physically remove the 4 bay in order to receive original signals from the 8 bay. Please tell me how to properly combine these 2 antennas. Thank you.
You are not likely to find an easy inexpensive way to make what you are trying to do work. Expensive custom built filters which can be ordered from Tin Lee Electronic. While there are locations, and situations where what you are trying to do has worked in most locations it will not. The simple solution is to build a switched, or dual tuner system. This page does a good job of explaining.
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Some of the products mentioned on the HDTV Primer page are no longer widely available.

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Please post the URL result of your free antenna survey available here: TV Fool for us to study.

As RF Steve suggested, it is possible to combine two or more same-band antennas, but it rarely done do to the overall expense.

Well everyone I have got my new Johansson preamplifier kits that has 30:DB for VHF AND UHF is 40DB and one out to tv what a picture and the single went from 45/to,70 say Goodbye to the outdated cm-7777amp with its one in the one out I have a VHF HIGH GAIN OUTDOOR ANTENNA #30-2475 from m ,c m elections paid $20DOLLARS for it stacked with a H D B91X UHF at 40Ft HIGH I GET channels out IN NEW YORK CITY and c t state one o's m ANTENNA system thanks Ken southbrige Massachusetts


HDTV Reception stack tv antenna

1. You should stack ONLY identical antennas,
2. Appropriate spacing must be maintained between antennas, and
3. The “phasing lines,” or connected coaxial cables, must be of equal lengths from the antennas to the splitter
Yes Jim but the VHF HIGH ANTENNAS cost $55 for 2 9element stacked 5feet apart with 2/H D B :91 $60 DOLLARS FOR the both of them with a Johansson preamplifier kits with one vhf at 30:DB and one UHF in at 40DB what a picture ON the TV know can't wait until I get my 2Nd Johansson preamplifier kits it has one VHF in at 30:DB and TWO UHF in at 40DB I can't wait to get them in late March the ANTENNA system will be 75Ft HIGH I all most FOR Got the VHF HIGH ANTENNAS are #30-2475:and if all of you won't to buy a Johansson preamplifier kits let me know witch one you want they are o's m and what a picture 100Percent better than the cm-7777amp well Jim thanks again and have a good day Ken R


If you are far enough away from other transmitters (FM and other TV) - say 10 miles - you could add a low noise pre amp that might boost the weaker signals into the receivable range.

High dB pre-amp with high noise figure won't help much.

Your combining an 8bay and a 4 bay antennas did not work because the 8 bay's signal leaked up to 1/2 strength out the 4 bay antenna and the 4 bay being probably out of phase with the 8 bay was useless.

Appears there are 6 stations from CN Tower, one is channel 9 the rest are UHF, which channels do you have trouble with.

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Winegard antennas and preamps are now the only ones that deliver on their specs and can be trusted to hold up.
And as always the only ones made in the USA
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