Comcast and NBC pay per view

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Comcast and NBC on Demand

Thought this might be interesting, since this subject came up recently. I just found a reference to this on the Comcast support forum -, which says in part
Comcast has always been a leader in the effort to provide more entertainment and
information content to more consumers in more places sooner. The company has
worked hard to make it possible for our customers to get more of the content they want
more easily, where and when they want it, at no additional cost. In addition to the
other On Demand commitments above:
a. We commit that at least 75 percent of our On Demand programming library will
be available to subscribers at no extra charge for the three-year period after
b. Building on the current free trial of NBCU content on Comcast On Demand, we
commit that NBCU broadcast content ofthe kind currently being made available
at a per-episode charge on Comcasts On Demand service will be made available
at no cost to the consumer.
(edited to change title to on demand, since it's not pay per view <duh>).
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I'm not a big fan of On Demand, itself... The trick play when the data is stored somewhere else is always going to be clunkier than when the data is stored locally. However, for folks who don't want to invest in DVRs, it is a great option, and so it is good to see the agreement explicitly provide assurances along these lines.

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