Comcast employee left as he said he would wait!!!



I called to have my DVR removed in exchange for an HD box . Guy came proeceeded to go up to a main terminal on property why I do not know then came down to what was installed on side of my house last may 3 or so 2019 when everything was installed. He proceeded to carry on its not grounded this and that I said hey you people installed it I have no problems..He proceeded to put some attachemet to a line inside the outside box attached to the house..He said he'll wait as he gave me my new box HD only to install myself as I was connecting it . I see him take off down the driveway!!!! I attached the box but after a while it kept saying needs to be rehit.. Called the number on the screen he could not do anytihng then advanced repair could not either..Sending someone morning!!. I had to cancel an appointment due to this.. My Question is why did the tech Take off as he said he would wait!!!!! I feel he knew it was not going to work!!! and BS me...and left!! Wow is that how comast works and for an employee to leave me hi and dry !!! Guess so.. Now I have no Tv in the LR and have to wait all morning SAT for someone else to come here.....BAD BUSINESS!!!

"Comcast employee left as he said he would wait!!!," is about XFinity-Comcast Television.

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