Comcast is taking away channels from the Analog Lineup

Ever since a few months ago, whenever I would surf channels on the TV in our living room which was hooked up to only analog cable (without a box) 2-98, I would notice several channels had a blue screen and it said they were moving to the digital line-up.

At first, they were taking away MSNBC, and some news channels, now they are taking away more and more.

they want people to pay 50 bucks and they are doing this crap?
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they're discontinuing the analog systems...

The analog systems don't have what most networks want - Macrovision protection for the more expensive programs - they don't want you taping something that has to be watched live such as pay-per-view or special programming that is issued under a "copy-locked" contract.

You'll need to start renting the digital box if you want to get the channels that are not covered under the FCC's "must-carry order" Those are the channels that are from local TV stations.
its not really an issue for us, but i was told cable co's were going to go all digital in 2011 or 2012, or earlier as it was their own decision.

they want people to get the big big package with the channels in the 400's


This is really a damned-if-you-do, damned-if-you-don't situation for service providers: Many customers want -- no -- demand more HD channels, and faster high-speed Internet service. There is typically only 750 MHz of bandwidth to play with, for television, high-speed Internet and telephone service. It's simple math. To add more HD channels, or to add faster high-speed Internet service, bandwidth has to be freed up, by discontinuing other services.

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