Comcast live chat scammed me and messed up my cable services



2 different Comcast live chat employees told me that they can upgrade my internet service to a gig for $190/mo. I was told that I wouldn't lose any TV channels from the X1 Starter Double Play package after the upgrade and I would get phone service. I specifically asked the live chat employee "Hold on a second before I upgrade I need to assure me that I won't lose any television channels" he replied "That is correct. You will not lose any channels with this new package."

So they made me agree to several different packages through live chat because one of them messed up the package they said that a code was missing or something so they had to totally cancel the order and remake it. Finally a technician came to my home to install the internet (he was extremely rude might I add) He was sighing the entire time, he didn't want to install a new line in the master bedroom even though that was in the work order, he was arguing with my landlord for 30 minutes because he didn't want to make the new line that he supposed to install look neat (by running the wire down the spout). He basically told me that he wanted a wire to dangle from my home and connect to the node. He didn't want to put in any effort to make it look neat.

I was trying to tell him that the last technician who installed my cable service said that the cable line in the master bedroom has a weak single so he has to install a new one. He said that he checked the signal with his meter and there is no problem with it all. "I don't know what the other technician is talking about" he said. There is nothing wrong with the signal we just installed 1 gig internet on that line. Seriously? Why is 1 technician telling me that the line is dead and the other says nothing is wrong with it!? So after he argued with my landlord on the phone for 30 minutes he finally installed the new modem for the gigabit speeds and I notice that I'm missing over 100 television channels (we watch the ID channel all the time and it says we have to subscribe to it).

So once again, I contact Comcast live chat and they say "Upon checking your account, you are no longer subscribed to ID we are negotiating with the ID network right now to restore that channel in your area. He said In order to get this channel now, we will have to subscribe to you premier gigabit for $210/mo. So once again, I agree to that package I get a text message and hit the approval button and I STILL don't have the ID channel. So for the 6th time I contact live chat and they say "I see here that an additional 100 channels was already added to your account but the ID channel is not available it that package. Are you freaking kidding me? 2 different employees told me I can get this service without losing any TV channels. I was scammed and lied to by multiple live chat employees. I already spent $200 on new a new router that supports gigabit speeds and I had to pay $70 for the install.

Why is Comcast doing this? Please tell me there is someone on the forum that can fix my cable services. My channel lineup should be the same as my old package (X1 Starter Double Play) and I should get the Gigabit internet for $190/mo like I was promised.

"Comcast live chat scammed me and messed up my cable services," is about XFinity-Comcast Television.

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