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Everytime I try logging into the Comcast Xfinity My Account app on my Android smartphone I keep getting an error saying "We're Sorry. We were unable to sign you in. Please try again". It been doing this to after the latest application update for me. Current version of the Xfinity My account on I'm running is also quick note I can log into the website no problem but about 90% of the time I use the My Account App to check my bill which always goes up on the 8th of every month & pay it using the app too, Plus it very helpful for me so I know when theirs an internet outage in my area because where I'm at in Florida the internet always going down & with me not being able to log in I can't check when Comcast has any outage going on. I uninstall & reinstall to again but that didn't fix it so I went into the Google Play Store & went to the My Account Developer Contact & e-mail to tell them about the problem as well so hopefully this issue get fix ASAP as I'm not the only one this is affecting.

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