Comcast targeting the Elderly



I recently attempted to help my elderly mother in law with a Comcast issue. Her cable box was damaged in a storm. We were told the fastest way to resolve it was to get a new one from one of the Comcast stores. While going to the store I was reviewing her bill and wondered why it was so high being that she only had their older legacy cable platform. Turns out for the past 2 years she has been on a X1 double play even though the set-top boxes that they provided only supported basic cable (no on-demand, no voice remote, no dvr, and limited channels). I was naive in my thought that Comcast would want to be a good service provider and citizen and make things right. I was so wrong! They basically blamed her for not knowing! we repeatedly ask to speak to a supervisor and was told "I don't have one at my house, but if I did they would tell you the same thing". Never once offered a credit or anything. I have to believe she is not the only one Comcast has done this to. Often Elderly people don't know what service they are supposed to receive. Over the past 2 years, she has had several technicians that have come to provide service, and not ONE of them informed her that the set-top boxes she had did not support the service she was paying for. This is one sad shady company. Glad I finally cut the cord with them. I still need to find a resolution for my mother in law.

"Comcast targeting the Elderly," is about XFinity-Comcast Television.

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