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This question is about "Connect Your Devices", with Time Warner Cable internet and apps. Connect all of your devices to your In-Home WiFi quickly and easily. Select your device below for more details on how to connect to your wireless network.

Secure your Holiday Devices

Holidays are a great time to buy or upgrade your devices, below are a few reminders to protect your devices and your family.

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TVs and Streaming Devices

Connect any smart TV or streaming device to your Spectrum In-Home wireless network to download apps, view online content and more.

TVs and Streaming Devices Support

Amazon Fire TV WiFi Connection
Amazon Fire TV Stick WiFi Connection
Apple TV WiFi Connection
Blu-Ray WiFi Connection
Google Chromecast WiFi Connection
LG Smart TV WiFi Setup
Philips Smart TV WiFi Connection
Roku WiFi Connection
Samsung Smart TV WiFi Connection


It's easy to connect your Mac, PC or Chromebook to your Spectrum In-Home wireless network. In just a few minutes you'll be able to access the web from anywhere in your house.

Laptop Connection Support

Chromebook WiFi & Email Connection
Mac OSX WiFi & Email Connection
Windows 10 WiFi & Email Connection
Windows 7 - WiFi Connection


You can easily connect any iPad, Android tablet, Amazon Kindle or other mobile device to your high-speed Spectrum Internet network.

Spectrum TV customers can download the Spectrum TV app to watch live TV, On Demand programs, browse guide listings and schedule recordings from their mobile devices.

Tablet Connection Support

Android Tablet WiFi & Email Connection
iPad WiFi & Email Connection
Kindle Fire WiFi & Email Connection
Kindle Fire HD WiFi & Email Connection


Connect your smartphone to your Spectrum In-Home wireless network to download apps, view online content and more.

Save on your provider's mobile data rates by connecting your smartphone to your In-Home wireless network.

Smartphone Connection Support

Android Phone WiFi & Email Connection
Google Pixel Phone WiFi & Email Connection
iPhone WiFi & Email Connection
Samsung Galaxy S8/S7 WiFi & Email Connection

Game Systems

Connect your Xbox, PlayStation or Nintendo console to your Spectrum In-home wireless network to play against opponents from around the world.

With your high-speed Spectrum Internet connection, you can get the latest DLC, frag your enemies one-on-one or join your favorite MMORPG and team up against the bad guys.

Game System Connection Support

Nintendo Switch WiFi Connection
Nintendo Wii U WiFi Connection
Playstation 4 (PS4) WiFi Connection
PSP WiFi Connection
Xbox One WiFi Connection
Xbox 360 WiFi Connection

Other Network Devices

Whether you have a network printer, smart home appliance, whole-house streaming device or anything else that connects to the internet, we have you covered.

Digital Camera WiFi Connection
Amazon Echo WiFi Connection
Apple Watch WiFi Connection
Canon Digital Camera WiFi Connection
Google Home & Google Home Mini WiFi Connection
HP Wireless Printer WiFi Connection

If you're a customer with a disability, please contact us if you need assistance.

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