Converter box doesn't work in condo


I live in a townhouse type of condo. I do not have an atenna and I do not have cable. I bought my converter box and of course it does not have any signal. I do not think I am able to connect an antenna to my roof, nor do I have the desire to do so.

So, I am trying to educate myself about the conversion and how I should proceed. Everyone seems to have a differnt "best" answer to my condo dilemma.

What would you guys do?:eek:
Hi Lisa!
Do you have a rabbit ear type of antenna laying around the condo? If not, you can purchase one from Radio Shack or Best Buy for like $10.00. Converter boxes almost require an antenna, but it doesn't have to be a roof antenna unless you live in a rural area.

My cousin had the same problem when he hooked up his converter box (but no antenna), I brought over an extra old antenna I had, connected it, and he was able to receive all of the digital channels available.

Good luck!


Hi Lisa, welcome to the forum. I can't help you with your question. But, I wanted to say welcome. Jay is the best person to ask, from what I can tell. He seems to know just about everything about the converter boxes. I'm sure he should see your post very soon.

Jason Fritz

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Hello Lisa and HTNut, Lisa, hope you don't mind, I moved your thread to this section: DTV Reception - DTV USA Forum

Are you located in a city? "Rabbit Ears" or a powered antenna should be fine if you are. I always like to suggest purchasing from a store with a good return policy just in case whatever antenna you decide to purchase doesn't work.

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