converter box installed using with RCA rabbit ears problem


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This very old lady is still trying to figure out problems with
the converter box. I am using the Radio Shack DTX9950 converter box with RCA rabbit ears. In Sacramento Area. I took the box and ears to Radio Shack. They showed me what to connect.
However, The red light shows on the front of the box when the tv on or off. Indicates to me that no incoming signals to the box? The remote that came with the box does not work at all. I continue to use the old remote and TV works fine with that. I do have cable but not on this tv.
Want to use local tv only for this tv. It is a Montgomery Ward TV (no longer in business) Any help is appreciated.


The red light on the front of that box indicates that the box is on standby -- it has nothing to do with whether or not you're receiving signals into the box.

If you're using the remote control of your television to switch channels, then that's probably going to cause problems. There are two ways to hook this box up to your television, either with one coaxial cable, or with three RCA cables, typically red, white or blue, and yellow.
- If you're using the one coaxial cable your television should be tuned to channel 3 or channel 4 (there is a switch on the back of the box) and left that way. (For some reason, they say that channel 4 is a better choice for most people.)
- If you're using the three RCA cables, there is a special setting on your television for that. For example, I have a special channel labeled AV right before channel 2 on my dial.

So first thing you need to do is turn the converter box on, using its remote. That should turn the red light green. Then tune your television using its remote to the correct channel. At that point, you will probably have to go through some installation procedure. You can read about that in your user manual.


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Thank you Bicker for the reply and advice. Will follow thru with
the manual as suggested. I am ok now with the green light on as
required and to see what I can do about using the remote that
came with the box.
The box remote should be able to control the TV's power and possibly volume as well, it will be in your manual, too. these boxes have universal remotes so you don't need two.
the only one that i've seen that controls the tv and the box is the RCA DTA800. Providing that your television is compatible with a remote. Not many televisions from pre-1980's can use a remote.
Zenith and DigitalStream boxes also have the ability to turn the TV on or off, some boxes allow the use of the TV's volume/mute as well, but only the RCA DTA800 is able to turn the volume on the TV up/down from my experience, which i've only tested three boxes overall. you're results will vary.

programming the Zenith's is easy, just hold down 'TV POWER' and hit channel up until the TV turns on or off. then let go of TV POWER. but unfortunately it only controls the TV's power, if you have a TV/VCR or TV that has on-screen picture adjustments it won't do that.

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