Converter boxes getting hard to find?


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On our local NBC affiliate's 6PM newscast tonight (14WFIE, for those who might be familiar), I noted that they had a story about converter boxes becoming hard to find in this part of the country (Evansville, IN/Owensboro, KY). Here's their story in print.

Following up on that, I did a little shopping this evening and found that, indeed, boxes are nowhere to be found at Walmart, which was until recently the most prolific seller in Owensboro.

I didn't have a chance to check out K-Mart, Best Buy or Target, but plan to in the next couple of days if I can get away.

Here's my post on JDTVB that follows up on what WFIE found out, but we both came to the basic conclusion that most folks who might still want or need to buy a box will probably end up having to shop online.

What's the situation in everyone else's neck of the woods?


For each one of these stories I've read over the last year or so, there's typically been some sob story featuring some sympathetic figure that the reporter found to exploit for the purpose of making their article have some measure of relevance and importance. Perhaps Grampa Joe is now missing his games on Saturday. Stuff like that.

However, nothing like this in that article -- which makes sense to me: As hard as it is to find converter boxes, it is probably even harder, now, to find a sympathetic figure who not yet have what they need.


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I'm not sure what it is like here, but I think we all expected them to become scarcer with time. New TVs make them unnecessary. Overall, they are a low demand item so it doesn't behoove a retailer to carry them. I would suspect that shortly they might only be available online.
Jake the Wal-Marts here in Owensboro are still swamped with the later Magnavox converters??? and Target had a few no-names there but i think they're outta stock recently.
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