Question: Couple snags on using the Titan TV Guide. ty


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I have used the Titan TV guide for a long time. I just decided to try to slim it down. The first thing I came across was the following. I use the Philly Area Broadcast. But my first 3 channels, 2.1, 2.2 and 2.3 are not the 2 I get. My 3 come from Baltimore. I tried going in and changing the information for those channels, and in fact if I hover over the logo (which is another question, they are still wrong) it show WMAR-TV but the shows are still from the old channels. MeTV and such. Once I change the info how does the actual shows in the grid change to the right ones. And then how do I get rid of the old logos or even add the correct logos. I appreciate all help! Jack ":-{D


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I apologize. A little more investigation found the answer. Appreciate any there were working on answering. I really did search a lot. Just found the solution however. Many thanks!


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:welcome: Jack

Other visitors here may have the same issue and they need your solution. Please share it with us!

Of Course. I guess I thought I was the odd one out and everyone else knew. Apologies.

1) You must have an account with TitanTV and login in the uppermost right top
2) Site Preferences again at the at the uppermost right top
3) My Channel lineups TAB
4) Select the channel line up you are using (your default line up usually)
5) Click on Edit Channels (within that lineup a small blue button usually)

At this point you can customize all sorts of things such as HIDE, REMOVE, and ADD channels to your default line up so select ADD CHANNEL

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Now at this point I used FIND A CHANNEL TO USE BY NAME and as I typed in say WMAR the database they had began to populate. I chose my station and when I did it added it with the correct logo, information and programming. It was highlighted green and look for it in numerical order. In other words if if it's a channel in the 50's it will not show until you scroll down to the 50's area.

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I hope that helped. Let me know if I can add more light on the subject. Cheers! jack ":-{D
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