cutting the cord, need help making a right assessment



I am a new to TV antenna world, have basic understanding with no deep knowledge.

After receiving a note from my cable about upcoming price increase decided to cut the cord.

Made a few attempts with some pre-amplified Leaf type antenna with no big success as I could not reach the other side of the house, this antenna does not have long cable. My TV is in the north-eastern part of the house, main channels are coming from south-south-west, here is the link to my TVFool report:

I would like to get main channels from primary networks: ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox PBS, CW, If something else comes along I am fine with it.

I'm certain in forum's help, with you guys pointing me to antenna that would work. I would prefer it to be in the attic as I live in the HOA community. I know they can't stop me from having OTA antenna based on FCC ruling, I simply want to avoid unnecessary fight over a placement at this time. I can place the antenna inside the attic either above the garage (#2, see in the image), #1 above a porch or #3 at the top.

I have some trees in the back at about 240, about 50-60 feet away.

Do you think I can get one to work inside the attic space or will I have to install outdoor anyway?

Which antenna would you recommend and work best in my environment?


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Your tv fool was done at 10 feet. Try it again higher, maybe 20 or 30 feet. You have a lot of edge signals that should improve with height. I would also suggest outdoors for this location.


ABC is your weakest major and its SE of you, NBC is in the same area, but CBS and FOX are almost exactly 90 degrees off from those two - THAT IS A PROBLEM.

You may need two antennas to accomplish your goal, one VHF pointing SW and a UHF pointing SE connected with a UVSJ (Google it - NO don't use Google use Bing) so the signal from each antenna is not re-radiated out the other antenna instead of being sent to your TV.

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