Data shows War of the Worlds radio broadcast effect insignificant, miniscule audience


It seems that the reports of mass confusion and hysteria over War of the Worlds is largely false. Data indicates almost no one was listening, relative to what most were tuned into that evening. People were not evacuating. Streets were not filled with faces looking up to the sky. It was due to newspapers wanting to make radio look bad, according to this report. It is an interesting read on Slate.


Interesting! So, the media back in the days did not use to be impartial and only speak the truth! That is worth considering, in comparison or equally to what happens nowadays.

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My Folks listened to the original broadcast on their Mission Bell (not Packard Bell) AM Short-wave radio. They loved the spoof and no one in their neighborhood leaped off a bridge because of the radio show episode.



It would be highly unlikely for a broadcast to cause such reactions, wouldn't it? I mean, OK, even people who got scared would have to wait and see what happens. Facing the music is the norm, not abandoning the ship while it sinks. Anyway, false alarm as it seems!

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