David Boreanaz and his cute smile, and other stuff too, lol

Is it just me, or does David Breanaz of "Bones" have the cutest smile. lol I don't know what it is, but his facial expressions just get me everytime. :p

Brennan and Booth are like the total opposites of each other, and yet they seem to be getting closer to each other. I'm not quite sure how writers are going to get these two together without totally messing up the show.
I love the show and the characters so much, but the 2 hour special premier was crap. The whole 2 hours seemed so forced, I mean the writers had so long to craft a perfectly good premier and it just fell flat!
I love David Boreanaz as well! He is super cute and yes I love his smile...His body is pretty hot as well :) I missed the premier but I really haven't found an episode that I don't like.


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David is just HOT! He's soooo cute.
Yeah, I expected more of the season premiere, it was so, ehm... not very interesting, actually...
I hope B&B will be together soon, but it must not mess up the show.
I missed the premiere. I guess I will have to try to catch it when it comes on again. I have not seen a show that I did not like either. I do feel that Tempe needs to loosen up a bit. I am hoping for that this year on the show! David is a cutie too!