Deep Fringe reception

OK finally got all the components installed for my system. I use an Antenna Craft U8000 with a wine guard 4800 pre amp. it is installed at the top of a 30 ft tower. install a channel master rotator also as I have stations 360 degrees of me. is there anything else anyone could suggest I can do to tweak and improve my reception I am still getting some drop out on some stations. WWMB 21 is one of the channels I want but can't seem to get the channel shows up but I get only an intermittent signal. same for the sub channel 21.2 which is CW PLUS and has some good can put zip code 28327 into to see channel layout.:) Maybe we can come up with some recipes for deep fringe reception for those that need it.
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For anyone wanting to know about the broad cast stations around them the is a place to look it gives you direction signal strength, distances and noise levels so you can see just what is available and what it not. After some trial and error I now have my antenna craft U8000 pretty much tweaked and am receiveing from about 70 miles out. I get about 34 channels excellent and 5 others marginally. I may in the future add the antenna direct 91-XG which would give me better reception on channels over 70 mile out. height iss a real help as well here are a few things that were posted on other boards that I have found.
Run your exact address through TV Fool - Home at both 20 ft height and then again at 60 ft height, there is a dramatic improvement in the signal potential, like 6 fold. Even 40 ft gets you a 5 fold improvement in signal.

20 ft = -17.8dB noise margin
40 ft = - 2.1dB noise margin
60 ft = 1.7dB noise margin
80 ft = 5.6dB noise margin

Each ~3dB is a doubling of signal strength so from 20 ft to 40 ft you gain about 15db in noise margin (5X3dB a five fold increase).

Getter on up there!

15 dB is not a five-fold increase. It is approx a 32x increase. (2x2x2x2x2) It's a logarithmic scale rather than a linear one. A 15.7 dB gain is about a 37-fold increase.
hope this will help others.
also if you have strong signals near you a pre amp will overload so be aware of this when adding them more amplification is not always better with digital.:)


You seem to be an expert in this field, which I am not. I was an antenna hobbyist way back when though.

Back in the day when I wanted to tweak my system, I replaced my RG6 cable with RG11 cable. The gain was minimal but I could see the difference. And that was less than a 30' run from the antenna to the wall jack. As far as tweaking goes (and if you're not already using RG11) that will help a little but not a lot.

Either way it sounds like you have a fantastic set up.