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This question is about "Denial of service DDOS attack.", with Time Warner Cable internet and apps. The dynamic external IP assigned to my cable modem is under attack. My internet has been intermittent for a long time. Lately even Google had problems loading. I checked my cable modem logs and it definitely shows DDOS attack from multiple ip's, mostly outside the USA.

I called Spectrum support and asked to get my external ip reassigned but they were not helpful. They had no idea what I was talking about and wanted to just reset my modem. I told them I have reset it multiple times the past few days and it never provisioned a new ip. Asked to speak to a manager. He was clueless too. They wanted to send a technician to my house to check my lines which is ridiculous.

Spectrum needs to train their agents that resetting a **bleep** cable modem isn't going to fix a DDOS attack coming from other countries! The only thing that will help is if I get a new external ip address, or to report abuse to the other ISP where the attack is originating.

I unplugged my modem for now and hope when I turn it on in an hour or so that it will provision and get a new IP address. The manager and tech were also clueless on how long dynamic IPs are assigned for. So it could be a month or longer until it changes, which is unacceptable!

If this doesn't resolve when I plug my modem back in I will switch to the other provider in my area. That way I'm guaranteed to get a new external ip address. Very disappointed in the lack of technical knowledge and poor support from Spectrum in Austin.l, Texas.

Denial of service DDOS attack.?
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