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This morning two of our Apple Watches updated to Watch OS7 and my xFi app told me two new devices connected to the network. They were named **ApleWtch1 and **ApleWtch2. I haven't assigned them to household or guest. I can still see the same two watches as not connected but using Watch OS6. I'm a little confused. This is the first time this happened with the Apple Watches. I've had mine for almost two years and my husband's watch is about a year old. Yesterday I updated both of our iPhones to ios14 and  I only got one notification that a new device connected to the network and the device quickly wenty away before I could see what it was on the app. I went to the website but the right arrow wouldn't work. That sent up a flag for me so I spoke to a tech who told me that is happening for other people. He advised me to just don't do anything. That was yesterday and the mystery device is gone, but the "new" watches are still showing up in the app as conncected with the same watches with the previous watch OS showing as not connected. Something to note is that the same watches with the previous Watch OS hardly ever showed as connected. Now the same watches with the new Watch OS are always connected. I've not checked on the Apple website to see what's new. 
Has anyone else experienced this and what if anything did you do? My thought is to just let it all alone and keep an eye on the watches with the old OS. 

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