Did anybody watch this show? How was it?


Samurai Girl is based on a series of popular young-adult novels that I’ve never read. Being outside the targeted age demographic, I didn’t have any real expectations for the TV movie but from what I saw of it, it’s actually pretty good. The story follows Heaven (Jamie Chung), the adopted daughter of a wealthy, powerful Japanese businessman. Heaven was brought up to be a proper, obedient daughter but her life takes a drastic turn when she goes to San Francisco to partake in an arranged marriage. Her wedding is interrupted when a bunch of ninjas show up and try to kidnap her. She’s rescued before they get to her and ends up on the run and full of questions about why she’s being pursued, who she can trust and how she’ll get by.

This show is really great with nice fighting scenes. If you love ninjas this show would really be great for you.
I thought Heaven and Jake looked good together too! I loved the show and I definitely suggest watching it. It was very good and the plot was good too...I wish this was made into a full time series.