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My cat knocked the Digital Stream converter box off the TV last night, and this morning when I went to turn on the TV all it would give me was snow. The green light turns on and off like normal, but the plus and minus keys by the power button do nothing. The remote now does nothing. Could something be wrong internally with the Digital Stream box?

We have a digital stream converter box #9950 where the red light stays lit whether it is on or off. Checked the capacitors and both seem fine. We have it connected to the tv and antenna but when we turn on the tv all we get is snow. The remote won't work and we can't seem to get anything on the tv. Do you know what could be the problem?


Just want my converter box to change the

Mine wont change at all. I ts been on channel two and seems to be stuck there.wgen I press the +-_nothing happens,ugh help plz


I have a digital stream converter box ad I get a picture but no sound how can I fix it i don't have a a remote for the box could that be the problem ad what kind will work on that converter box so I can get sound


Need help to make my sound work

I hooked up my digital stream converter box and I don't get any sound out of it a good picture ad the channels change but no sound do you know what the problem would be I don't have a remote for it


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You would have to program the remote with a code for the digital stream before you can use the universal remote. Universal remotes come with a list of codes for various brands of TV sets, DVRs, dvd, etc. Digital Stream is not a common brand so there may not be a code listed for it.

sterling anderson

power went out last night at 7pm, the converter box went out as well. when it goes out it stay stuck on the green light but will not go to red so that it can I reset to look at television again. what do I do?

Melanie Rooks

my box will not get a signal and I have been trying to get it back by adjusting my system with no success. what do I do.
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