Digitenna Fringe UHF/VHF Hi TV Antenna $89 Shipped

Fringe Reception

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Interesting antenna design: any opinions about it EV?

Secondly, in today's (Sunday) Seattle Times newspaper, Fry's Electronics is advertising a large Winegard VHF-UHF antenna. I can't remember the last time I saw a photo of an antenna in an ad in a newspaper.


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It's a very good antenna. A bit pricey. However Made in USA.

I plan on doing a write up of the Digitenna line-up soon.

Full Disclosure....that is my auction.

I have the Digitenna Indoor, Metro, Suburban, & Fringe in my possession, at this moment.


I have used a Digitenna extreme fringe in an attic. Worked well but was a bit touchy on aiming. Pulled in signal from 64.7 miles away. I did switch to an 8 bay uhf which was more forgiving. I installed the the Digitenna at a friend's place outdoors and it pulls in a 70 + mile signal in.