Digitenna Metro UHF/VHF Hi TV Antenna $59 Shipped

Awesome antenna! A bit on the pricey side, but I was able to save about $30 off retail by buying from EV, so that helped. I'm actually using the antenna indoors on the 3rd floor of a 3 story apartment building, and so far, it has worked out very well.

I'm pretty lucky. My TV Fool results show that most of my stations are LOS and reasonably strong. However, I have 4 VHF-HI stations to contend with KMGH (7), KUSA (9), KQCK (11), and KBDI (13).

I've had pretty good luck picking up these stations via rabbit ears, but really needed something with a little more gain. According to the manufacturer, the DigiTenna Metro (DUV-M) has about 3db gain on VHF-HI, and that was enough to stabilize my VHF reception for the most part. I still have a bit of trouble maintaining a lock on KQCK (11), but that's mainly because it is one of my weakest stations at 71 miles away. I doubt any other antenna this size could do any better indoors.

The Metro was also able to beef up one marginal low power UHF station KLPD (28) that has frequently given me trouble. Prior to the DigiTenna Metro, I was using a Channel Master 4149 double bowtie antenna for UHF reception. Other than the one station, my signal strengths were pretty comparable on both the Metro and the CM4149.

Bottom Line: Due to its size and VHF performance, I think the DigiTenna Metro (DUV-M) is a great choice for indoor or outdoor use where VHF reception is required. For UHF only reception, I think there are many less expensive antennas that would work just as well for the average consumer.

I also really like the fact that DigiTenna is an American made product, and I feel good being able to support an American company especially in this economy. I first became aware of DigiTenna about 8 months ago when EV mentioned them on AVS Forum. For those who haven't seen them, check out their videos on You Tube. These videos are not the best quality, but they do provide some excellent information.

Could you test Grabbit Ears vs. the metro?

I think unless you need the $89.00 one, Grabbit Ears would do it.

I hear that their long range one is a signal monster!
I think EV sold me the only DigiTenna Metro he had. I've been intrigued by the idea of the Grabbit Ears, but I'm just not a make it yourself kind of guy. If there is somewhere that I can buy a set of prefabricated Grabbit Ears, I'd be glad to give them a try.


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Thanks for the update on that Rick313! Im big on the Metro and Suburban as very good small form factor antennas.

The bigger Fringe and even longer antennas are fantastic Corner Reflector Bowtie yagis as well....however they start becoming very unbalanced on VHF High. However if you have high signal strength VHF High, they will work great and give you lots of umph into the lower signal strength UHF.

But my faves are the Metro and Suburban. Great antennas. Ill be writing about them here and there (first on my blog) very soon.

Great post by the way, very informative with fantastic hotlinks to pertinent information!


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What is really great about the Metro and Suburban is there 3 dB gain on VHF High. For those in apartments or limited to indoor or restrained space solutions, these offer better gain than the telescoping Rabbit Ear dipoles found on other antennas (like the Terk HDTVi), while matching the gain of the best indoor UHF antennas(without amplification which can be added off board if desired).

The next step up is the RCA ANT751, which gives about 6 to 7 dBd gain on VHF High. But these 2 are quite a bit smaller, lighter weight and better balanced(easier to mount) than the RCA ANT751. The RCA ANT751(EZ-HD) is a bit larger and longer, heavier, and its mount is at the end which cantilevers the extra length and weight for increased stress on the mount post. This can be overcome of course. But the Metro and Suburban fill a nice gap.

I really like them.
I've seriously considered the RCA ANT751 several times, but it's just too wide for me. The DigiTenna Metro was a much better fit. No pun intended. I'm glad I finally took the plunge, but I would have been sorely disappointed if it hadn't lived up to my expectations. I'm thrilled to report that it did indeed live up to my expectations.