Direct TV On Demand


In addition to the many channels you can get DTOD all ready, Direct TV has just started offering a new channel in its on demand line-up; Studio 4 Learning. This is a great tool for homeschooling or additional learning. This new channel offers Math, Spanish, English, Language Arts, Science and Social Studies to name a few. Definitely worth looking into.


I don't know how long Direct TV ON Demand has been available. I believe it has only been a few months. I didn't find out about it, until I upgraded to an HD receiver. The homeschooling/education (Studio 4 Learning) has just started airing. Many of the On Demand channels including this one you do not have to pay for. The On Demand service is complimentary. For how long, I don't know. It may be one of those things, where they see if you really like and then are willing to pay for it. We will just have to wait and see.

On Demand does have some channels and movies that you have to pay for. But they are very well marked, so you don't order them accidentally. A word of advice, I have put my parental controls on my DVR down to G rated programs only without my password. Because, there are some adult channels and titles included with the On Demand menu that I didn't want my kids reading.

The On Demand offers many programs for children of all ages. It was amazing to me how many preschool programs they have. It makes it very easy for you to select the programs your children like to watch. You can even select programs straight off the internet. For example; while your daughter is at work she can access and choose which programs she wants to record from work.


I hope this is a trend for the future as I would love to see more free on -demand channels offered. With so many channels to choose from it would be nice to watch programs when you want without having to record them with an external device.
I think free on-demand channels that are educational are amazing. That would be something very good for everyone, including the home schooled children. I do wish there were more free on-demand channels though.
Wow this is amazing! We do not have HD and I was unaware that the educational channels were available. Do you have to have HD to be able to access these channels?