DirecTV has 130 HD Channels Now


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With DirecTV's channel lineup, they now have something like 130 HD channels, when are we likely to see a complete switch to High Definition (Not HD only, but I'd like to see every channel that's offered through digital television service, to be offered by HD).

We've come a long way over the past few years with HD channels, but I want more more more HD. haha seriously though, I didn't spend $1,000 on my wide screen to watch 480p! It's like buying a new Corvette and running 87 octane through it!


Ha..ha. I love your analogy. I have HD and love it, as well. One problem I have with it though, is that even on the channels that are supposed to be HD channels, they run programs that aren't in HD. It's like false advertisement. For instance, if I am watching the Sci-Fi HD Channel, I want all my programs to be broadcasted in HD. If I want standard definition, then I watch the regular Sci-Fi channel. You know what I mean?
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