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Mr. ET

Bring Back Fox 54

We need Fox 54 back now. We pay the owner of this network and they should honor and give the customers what the deserve. We need Fox 54 back now.

Josephine brown

When will this channel be back on and are we going to get a refund . Because I am paying for this hannel.


Pissed off

Better get your head out of your asses . The whole town of thornville said if we dont have cbs channel 10 back in 5 days . Will switch to dish. We pay to get the channel and we dont get it.

Valerie Harvey

You all need to refund us our money we are paying you all way to much. The best lie that directv comes up with is some lies!!!! Refund!!@$$$$$$

Get ALL channels back!

This is a BUNCH OF BULL! If we as consumers can't watch tv channels we were promised, then we should be able to VOID OUR CONTRACTS without consequences....NOT A HAPPY CAMPER....Switching from Directv ASAP!

David Cresine

And this is why, unfortunately, we need government regulation. But this has been going on for years now. We pay more for just about everything and get less. Look at the oil industry and their main product, gasoline, as a prime example. I'm dating myself but back in the 50's and 60's we paid in the range of 18 cents to 25 cents for a gallon of gasoline. With that came excellent service, i.e., the attendant would come out and pump the gas, check your oil, clean your windshield, check tire air pressure PLUS get Blue Chip or S&H green stamps with your purchase. From time to time they would also give gifts such as coffee mugs, towels and other items that escape my memory. Also had occasional gas wars where the gas stations would lower their prices to get your business. All this for 25 cents a gallon. Today we pay on average $3 and above and what do we get? Just that, a gallon of gas that we get to pump ourselves. Can you say GREED? Screw the customer. I remember when Cable TV first came out. The big enticement was that because you're paying for it there would be no commercials like we got using an antenna. What a big lie that turned out to be. We pay exuberant prices and get more commercials now than we ever did when TV was free. Many, many more. On a typical commercial break I count up to 12 commercials before it returns to the program I was watching. Sometimes I forget what I was watching. What a sad commentary on our times.

Larry Smith

I don't have channel 5 which is NBC in Salt Lake City Utah I pay alot for tv with your company I expect to have a local channel when I am paying for it.
I switched to Directv because they took off a local channel on dish. When I did switch the salesman told me that I would have the Pac 12 channel which wasn"t the truth and has never been on so it seems to me that your not even trying to get it. I will switch back to dish unless the channel is not back on in the next week and I do not think there should be any penalty to me for switching you have not kept your promise to me or any other customers

Marcelo Salaverria

I don’t care I just want to see the channel if not I switch with another provider I paid too much for that

E. Hyder

Get back Bien sport now. why I should pay for the channel that you can't provide. I have DT for so long just for soccer and you can't provide the channel that I watch the most. Why should I continue with TD?

Ricardo santo Tomas

What is the reason on channel 467 Bein sports is showing a message saying “unfortunately this channel is not currently available “ I can’t believe today when I want watch a important game, I am upset.


Never mind. Too much red tape to register a complaint.

The problem is with the tv channel asking for a huge increase. The tv station is the only one that can block the channel, not Directv.
Then maybe direct should get into another line of business!!! Don’t make promises that can’t be kept!!! I’m without regardless of whose fault!!! I’m done with that direct tv crap!!!!!!!!!!

Mary sayers

Getting really tired of calling DirecTV up its beginning to be every month you are going to lose a lot of money and customers I've been a loyal customer for 17 years mainly I've put up with it because of were I live its basically all that I can get but it's not worth it any more I'm seriously just thinking about going to movies that will cost me nothing but a one time fee to buy the movie if everyone would do this guess what the problems will be fixed guaranteed

Royal A.

why can they reach an agreement its been along time.
maybe you should charge charge less an tell people they will not get this channel
resolve it very soon


Well this sucks---no Dallas Rams game!!! Will be calling cable on Monday and won't be paying my last Directv bill, so sue me, I'm on SS and you can't get a dime of that!!!HAHAHAHA Time to hit the local sports bar!!

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