Terry Cheney

I for one would really like to know why you are blocking CBS channel 5 in my area . I pay to watch these programs and i am not getting them. You have almost doubled my monthly bill and then you cut one of my locale channels off. what gives. i want a refund for the time this channel has been cut off.

Carol Mayer

Channel 5 in my area is NBC. AND IT IS NOT THERE. It is time for football and the Golf championship as well as Ryder Cup. One reason I have the more expensive package is for golf. I too want a refund for the weeks that NBC is not available.


I just became a DirecTV customer, unaware of all this this channels black out losing my beloved 'beinsports' programming. Now I am no able to watch soccer games from Spain and other countries. This companies selling Dtv in bulk are not telling prospect subscribers and when you realize the fact of all these channels are missing, it is too late.

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