Dish claims CBS had 'Bing Bang Theory' star remove tweet about Dish Hopper


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Here's the tweet by The Big Bang Theory Star, Kelly Cuoco

"Amazing! Watching live TV anywhere on the #Hopper looks pretty awesome! Now where can I find a tiny beer? #ad."
Dish claims CBS asked/told Kaley Cuoco to remove pro-hopper tweet from Twitter.
Lest you thought either side was beginning to tire, the public spat between Dish Network and CBS rages on as Dish is now accusing CBS of, shall we say, encouraging Kaley Cuoco – one of the headliners of the network’s hit series The Big Bang Theory – to remove a tweet expressing her appreciation for Dish Network’s Hopper DVR from her Twitter account (picture right).
DISH says CBS star Kaley Cuoco was compelled to remove pro-Hopper tweet | Digital Trends

CBS denies it.

Anyway, an allegation is being hurled by Dish Network that CBS forced Cuoco to take the tweet down. has the report here. It's an allegation that CBS denies though as reported by AdWeek.