Dish Drops SNY in New York area


The Mod Squad
The RSN, Sportsnet New York (the home of the New York Mets) has been dropped from the Dish Network line up in a contract negotiations despute. This was effective just after midnight on 4/1/2011.

SNY was the last RSN available in the New York area as they dropped MSG and MSG+ last October and never got a deal with YES Network. So now Dish does not provide ANY RSN's in the New York area.

I could provide a link but there is nothing out there that says anything more. All of the numbers are being kept secret for now.


DTVUSA Jr. Member

I understand your frustration, currently we do not have any further updates. I know it can be difficult when losing a channel you love but I assure you it is for the benefit of our customers. We are fighting on your behalf to come to a fair agreement that will ultimately help keep your prices lower. We appreciate all our customers patience with this as we continue to work on an agreement and not allow this or any other network take unfair advantage of our customers by requiring them to submit to their outrageous price increase demands. If you would like more information please feel free to email me.

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